This is the type of movie that I produce exclusively for my clients.

In a real listing, the following text would present extra information on the featured property.


Why should your household be incessantly interrupted by people visiting and live in continuous “show mode” just for those “we’re around the corner can we drop-by?” visits ?

With a web movie, everyone who wishes to can visit your property as often as they want, while you and your family go about your daily schedule uninterrupted.

A film of your property eliminates frivolous visits. Those visiting after seeing the film can be classified as serious.

As for advertising your property, it’s extremely efficient to give out the web page. Nowadays, the majority of buyers do part of their research on the Internet. With a web movie they can all visit your house.

Give me a call to have your property filmed, showcased and given the exposure it deserves where the whole planet can see it.


I know my movies will save you time by avoiding useless visits. In exchange, because I always want to better my technique, could you please give me your impressions and comments on this film.

If you are in “househunting” mode contact me so that together we can ascertain your wants and needs and in the process make your life a little bit easier.


If a picture is worth a thousand words,

a virtual visit ten thousand,

how much then, is a movie  worth ?

See you soon !

Steffen Servay

Real Estate Broker




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“B” type condo, Hudson Club, Rigaud, Qc.

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